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Accessions list for 2009

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International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (5th : 1997 : Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Constructions in cognitive linguistics : selected papers from the Fifth International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Amsterdam, 1997
J. Benjamins Pub. Co., 2000
Bodleian BOD Upper RR L.3.1092
Mahieu, Marc-Antoine
Variations on polysynthesis : the Eskaleut languages
John Benjamins Pub. Company, 2009
Taylorian TAY Ling. PM50 V37
Maienborn, Claudia
Event arguments : foundations and applications
M. Niemeyer, 2005
Taylorian TAY Ling. P281
Mazzon, Gabriella, 1962-
Interactive dialogue sequences in Middle English drama
John Benjamins Pub., 2009
Taylorian TAY Ling. P99.4 P72
Morelli, Steve, 1943-
Gumbaynggirr bijaarr jandaygam, ngaawa gugaarrigam = Gumbaynggirr dictionary and learner's grammar
Muurrbay Aboriginal Language & Culture Co-operative, 2008
Nurmi, Arja
The language of daily life in England (1400-1800)
John Benjamins Pub., 2009
Taylorian TAY Ling. PE1074.7
Scott, Caroline, 1976-
Teaching children English as an additional language : a programme for 7-11 year olds
Routledge, 2009
Educational S EDU OpenShelf PE1128.A2


Glinski, Robert
Czesc, Tereska [videorecording]
Telewizja Polska, 2002
Taylorian TAY MLF AV PN.P7.G597


Formulaic sequences : acquisition, processing and use
John Benjamins, 2004
Educational S EDU OpenShelf P53
Second language acquisition and the younger learner : child's play?
John Benjamins Publishing Co., 2008
Educational S EDU OpenShelf P118.2
Chomsky, Noam
The minimalist program
MIT Press, 1995
Taylorian TAY MLF Bks P158.28
Comrie, Bernard, 1947-
Case and grammatical relations : studies in honor of Bernard Comrie
John Benjamins Pub. Co., 2008
Taylorian TAY Ling. P240.6
Jenkins, Jennifer, 1950-
World Englishes : a resource book for students
Routledge, 2003
Educational S EDU OpenShelf PE1128.A2
Milroy, Lesley
Sociolinguistics : method and interpretation
Blackwell, 2003
Taylorian TAY MLF Bks P40
Mitkov, Ruslan
The Oxford handbook of computational linguistics
Oxford University Press, 2003
Taylorian TAY MLF Bks A.6D - A&ABX& - L3 -L4
Tagliamonte, Sali
Analysing sociolinguistic variation
Cambridge University Press, 2006
Taylorian TAY MLF Bks P120.V37
Taylorian TAY MLF Bks P120.V37
Wray, Alison
Projects in linguistics : a practical guide to researching language, 2nd ed.
Hodder Arnold, 2006
Taylorian TAY MLF Bks P126


Discourse analysis in second language research:
Newbury House Publishing, 1980
Educational S EDU OpenShelf P53.L37
Ferraresi, Gisella
Principles of syntactic reconstruction
Benjamins, 2008
Bodleian BOD L Floor M09.E00611
Jones, Kimberly
Style shifting in Japanese
John Benjamins Pub. Co., 2008
Taylorian TAY Ling. PL635 S79
LePore, Ernest, 1950-
Compositionality, context and semantic values : essays in honour of Ernie Lepore
Springer, 2008
Taylorian TAY Ling. P325.5
Lichtenberk, Frantisek, 1945-
A dictionary of Toqabaqita (Solomon Islands)
Pacific Linguistics, 2008
Bodleian BOD L Floor M09.E00674