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Proceedings of LingO 2007

Please click on the link below to download a complete copy of the proceedings.

Complete Proceedings of LingO 2007

Individual papers

Najat Benchiba: Phonologic and Semantic Considerations of Grammatical Gender in Moroccan Arabic and English Code-switching. A Levelling Phenomenon.

Michaela Bentz: German as a Minority Language: The 'Swabians' in the Danubian States and their Language(s).

Melanie Borchers: Middle English Phraseology: Problems Identifying the Source(s).

Francesco Maria Ciconte: Existential Constructions in Early Italo-Romance Vernaculars.

Ho Leung Chan: Reduplication with Phonological Fixed Segmentism -- The Emergence of the Unmarked Tone in Cantonese.

Marisa Sousa Cruz: Free Reference in Informal Letters (Portugal, XIX Century).

Thomas Culetto: Prediction of Liaison in French by Measures of Information Theory.

Anicka Fast: Managing Linguistic Diversity in the Church.

Gabriella Fekete: Referential Cohesion in Hungarian: A Developmental Study.

Gwendoline Fox: Describing Yiddish Word Order Using Topological Fields.

Adriana Hanulíková: Word Recognition in Possible Word Contexts.

Muhsina Alleesaib And Fabiola Henri: Relativiser Drop in Subject Relativisation: The Case of Mauritian..

Mariko Honda: The use of pitch information in L1 and L2 Japanese word recognition.

Koji Kawahara: Indefinite Null Argument and its Interaction with Negation.

Zaira Khalilova: Long-distance Agreement in Khwarshi.

Miltiadis Kokkonidis: Towards a Type-Logical HPSG.

Barbara Majcenovič Kline: Lost Identities -- Gender and Computer-Mediated Communication.

Angelika Kochan, Aliyah Morgenstern, Caroline Rossi, and Martine Sekal: Children's Early Prepositions in English and French: A Pragmatic Device.

Jakob R. E. Leimgruber: From post-creole continuum to diglossia: the case of Singapore English.

Stephen P. Leonard: Spatial References in Icelandic: The Issue of Identity.

Susanne Lohrmann: The Role of Adjectival Inflection in Scandinavian.

Audrey Mazur-Palandre: Later Language Development: Syntactic Packaging in Written and Spoken French.

Yael Peled: The Learned and the Sago-sago: Intralinguistic Misconceptions and Extralinguistic Politics.

Darine Saidi: Typology of Motion Event in Tunisian Arabic.

Mathias Schenner: Semantic Complexity of Evidentials: Some Typological Parameters.

Mathias Schenner and Fabienne Salfner: Semantic Effects of Focuson Modifiers in Complement Clauses.

Fereshteh Modarresi and Alexandra Simonenko: Quasi Noun Incorporation in Persian.

Eleni Staraki: Greek Subjunctive Marker na: Temporal Anchoring in the DP Domain.

Catherine Taylor: Maximising Stems.

Naomi Yamaguchi: Markedness, Frequency: Can We Predict the Order of Acquisition of Consonants?

Natalija Ulčnik: Neologisms of the first Prekmurje Newspaper Prijatel.

Lindsay Weichel: Grammatical Radial Categories in the Languages of the Northwest Coast.

Nicholas Zair: Sound Change in Proto-Celtic: Laryngeals Before *w.

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