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Submission guidelines

The abstract submission deadline has now passed.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for talks or posters. For the structure and format of these please refer to the presentation guidelines.

Guidelines for the submission of abstracts:

  • Abstracts should not exceed 1 page and should be formatted using one of our templates.
  • You need to submit an anonymous abstract for review. If accepted you will be given a chance to submit a version of that abstract which will include your name, affiliation, and email as well as any minor corrections you wish to make. Thus, in your first submission, simply leave these fields in the template blank.
  • Changes to fonts, margins, paragraph indentation, paragraph spaces, line spaces, etc. should not be made.
  • Bibliography references should be formatted as follows: Hornstein (1999), Talmy (2000), Kaplan and Bresnan (1982). Please refer to the templates for examples of how to format bibliographic entries.
  • Save the abstract either as a Word document, PS or PDF file, with your full name as the document's name.
  • Do not forget to embed or include all extra non-standard fonts (such as phonetic fonts) that you may have used in your document.
  • Submit your abstract by 21 May 2007 using the abstract submission web form:
    • Go to this secure page.
    • The first time your use the system you will need to register your email and a password. This should take seconds and only your email, a password, and your name will be required.
    • Upon supplying your email and password when prompted, you will receive an email which contains a code to complete your registration (this is a simple way of verifying that the email address you supply is truly yours). Copy and paste that code and fill in your name to complete registration.
    • To submit a new abstract click on the 'Submit New abstract' link. To modify an earlier submission click on its title.

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