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Name Position Faculty/Dept
Professor Jean Aitchison (retired) Former Rupert Murdoch Professor of Communication  English
Dr Richard Ashdowne Lecturer in Classical Languages, University College; Lecturer in Linguistics, Somerville, University, Trinity & Wadham Colleges; Editor, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources Classics, Modern Languages, and Linguistics
Dr Peter Barber Departmental Lecturer in Classical  Philology and Linguistics Linguistics
Dr Ylva Berglund Prytz RTS Senior Project Officer Oxford University Computing Services
Dr Alison Biggs Junior Research Fellow Wolfson College
Dr Alderik Blom University Lecturer in Celtic Medieval & Modern Languages
Dr Chiara Cappellaro Departmental Lecturer in Italian Linguistics Medieval & Modern Languages
Dr Juan-Carlos Conde Faculty Lecturer in Medieval Spanish Literature Modern Languages
Dr David F Cram (retired) University Lecturer in Linguistics, Director, Wallis project Linguistics
Prof Paula Fikkert Visiting Professor & Department Lecturer Phonology
Prof Bjarke Frellesvig Professor of Japanese Linguistics Oriental Studies
Dr Celia J. Kerslake University Lecturer in Turkish Oriental Studies
Dr Howard Jones College Lecturer in Linguistics Modern Languages
Dr Jieun Kiaer University Lecturer in Korean Language and Linguistics Oriental Studies
Dr Anna Kibort Academic Visitor Linguistics
Dr John Lowe Departmental Lecturer in Syntax Linguistics
Professor Peter Mackridge (retired) Professor of Modern Greek Modern Languages
Dr Jaap Maat Visting researcher, Wallis project Linguistics
Professor Ofra Magidor CUF Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy Philosophy
Dr Sophie Marnette University Lecturer in French Modern Languages
Prof Anna Morpurgo Davies (1937-2014) Professor of Comparative Philology Classics
Prof Lynda Mugglestone Professor of History of English English
Dr Stephen Parkinson (retired)

Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, Portuguese Language and Linguistics

Modern Languages
Dr John Penney University Lecturer in Classical Philology Classics
Prof Janet Pierrehumbert Professor of Language Modelling Oxford e-Research Centre
Prof Kim Plunkett Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Experimental Psychology
Prof Stephen G. Pulman FBA Professor of Computational Linguistics Department of Computer Science
Dr Elena Siminiciuc Post-doctoral Fellow (Academic Visitor) Linguistics
Dr Johanneke Sytsema Linguistics Librarian Taylor Institution Library
Dr Elizabeth Tucker Jill Hart Senior Research Fellow in Indo-Iranian Philology Oriental Studies
Dr Robert Vanderplank Director, Language Centre 12 Woodstock Road
Mr Chris Wells (retired) University Lecturer in Germanic Philology and Medieval German Literature Modern Languages
Prof Yorick Wilks Senior Research Fellow Oxford Internet Institute
Dr Sam Wolfe Departmental Lecturer in French Linguistics  Modern Languages
Martin Wynne Digital Research Specialist; CLARIN Director for User Involvement; National Coordinator for CLARIN-UK IT Services; e-Research Centre


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