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Following the fire last year in August, we are now home back in the Clarendon Institute ready for Trinity Term 2017!

Thank you for your co operation during a very challenging time.


The Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics is immensely proud to see Professor Aditi Lahiri among the 24 portraits commissioned by the University’s
"Diversifying Portraiture initiative".

While the aim of the initiative is to reflect and promote the University’s increasing diversity and its commitment to inclusivity, the Faculty hopes that it will also, and above all, draw attention to the inspirational achievements of Professsor Lahiri in the fields of phonology, phonetics, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics.

Professor Andreas Willi, Faculty Board Chair

April 2017

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"R. H. Robins G

raduate Prize"

The Philological Society has launched the ninth R. H. Robins graduate student prize for an article on a linguistic topic that falls within the area of the Society's interests as defined by present and past publications in the Transactions of the Philological Society (TPhS). For details, please see the Robins Prize page on the website:


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Applying for Graduate or Undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics

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The Faculty of Linguistics welcomes a wide range of academics and practitioners who wish to contribute to and participate in the work of the Faculty...

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Trinity Term 2017

Please note there may be additions and amendments throughout the term - some venues and times may be changed at fairly short notice.

For all Papers IV & V, Romance/Slavonic/Celtic Linguistics, Individual Languages & Oriental Studies Lectures or Computational Linguistics please refer to the relevant Institute:

MML Lecture List
Oriental Institute Lecture List
Computational Linguistics


General Linguistics Seminar

Comparative Philology Seminar

Romance Linguistics Seminar