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Undergraduate Admissions

For the Modern Languages and Linguistics degree (i.e. Linguistics with a Modern Language), we hold two open days per year in conjunction with the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages. The main open day, where you can find out more about linguistics and meet a tutor and student representatives, is held in April or May each year. A shorter open day, focussing mainly (but not exclusively) on the admissions process, is held every September. This coincides with open days in many of Oxford's colleges so that you can find out about both the University and College side of being a student here. 

Open days for Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics are also held twice yearly, in conjunction with the Department of Experimental Psychology.  

More information on Oxford's Open Days, and a schedule for this year, is available here

Prospective undergraduates should note that there is a short aptitude test in Linguistics, to be taken at school before the interview. More information on the Linguistics test  is available here.  Information on registration for the test for both degrees is available from MLAT.

Graduate Admissions

Information on Graduate Admissions for the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics can be found here: 

Admissions criteria
Graduate FAQs


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