Professor Anna Morpurgo Davies

Professor Anna Morpurgo Davies DBE FBA
Professor of Comparative Philology (deceased)

The Faculty is very sorry to announce that Professor Morpugo Davies sadly died on the 27th September 2014, aged 77.

Research Interests

Comparative Grammar of the Indo-European Languages, Historical Linguistics, Ancient Greek and Mycenaean, Ancient Anatolian languages; History of Nineteenth Century Linguistics


Anna Morpurgo Davies was born and educated in Italy. Degrees: Dott.Lett. Rome, Libera Docente, Rome; MA Oxford; Hon.D.Litt. St. Andrews. She started her career in the University of Rome, before going to the USA as Junior Fellow of the Centre for Hellenic Studies (Harvard University) in Washington D.C. and then coming to Oxford. She has held visiting professorships at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and the University of California at Berkeley as well as giving series of lectures at the University of Cincinnati, Stanford University and Harvard University

Anna Morpurgo Davies retired at the end of September 2004 as Professor of Comparative Philology and Fellow of Somerville College


The list below contains Anna Morpurgo Davies’ minor publications, excluding books, (most) reviews and miscellanea. For a full list of publications, please see here [pdf].

A Mycenaean instrumental-ablative (Cambridge Mycenaean Colloquium, 1966) [pdf]

Analogy and the -an datives in HL (Anatolian Studies 30, 1980) [pdf]

Analogy, Segmentation and Early Neogrammarians (TPhS 76.1, 1978) [pdf]

ANATOLICHE, lingue (Enciclopedia Italiana, 1978) [pdf]

A note on Thessalian (Glotta 43.3-4, 1965) [pdf]

Article and Demonstrative (Glotta 46, 1968) [pdf]

Brugmann and late 19th c. linguistics (1986) [pdf]

A Linear A tablet from Pirgos, Crete (Kadmos 10.2, 1971) [pdf]

A second Linear A tablet from Pyrgos (Kadmos 16.1, 1977) [pdf]

Comparative-historical linguistics (Encyclopedia of Linguistics, v. II, 1st ed, 1992) [pdf]

Comparative-historical linguistics (Encyclopedia of Linguistics, v. II, 2nd ed., 2003) [pdf]

Contatti interdialettali (Kata dialekton 1999 [2000]) [pdf]

Contributo del miceneo alla linguistica greca (Civilta Micenea 1992) [pdf]

Cretan drioton (CR 20.3, 1970) [pdf]

Damar (1958) [pdf]

Decipherment (Encyclopedia of Linguistics, v. I, 1st ed, 1992) [pdf]

Decipherment (Encyclopedia of Linguistics, v. I, 2nd ed, 2003) [pdf]

Dentals, rhotacism and verbal endings in Luwian (KZ 96 1982)83) [pdf]

‘Doric’ features in Hesiod (Glotta 42.3-4, 1964) [pdf]

Dynamic, organic, mechanical-IE ablaut debate in early 19th c. (FS Graffi, 2009) [pdf]

Early and late IE. From Bopp to Brugmann (IG Fachtagung IX, 1994) [pdf]

Epigraphical -phi (Glotta 47, 1969) [pdf]

Fabbri e schiavi a Pilo (1968) [pdf]

Fighting, ploughing and the Karkamis kings (FS Risch, 1986) [pdf]

Folk linguistics (FS Hoenigswald 1987) [pdf]

Gender and development of Greek declensions (TPhS 67.1, 1968) [pdf]

Greek and IE Semi-Consonants-Mycenaean u and w (Acta Mycenaea II, 1972) [pdf]

Greek Aristogeiton and Aristogeitos (FS Gusmani, 2006) [pdf]

Greek personal names and linguistic continuity (2000) [pdf]

A Luwian heart (FS Carratelli, 1988) [pdf]

Hieroglyphic inscription of Bohca (1979) [pdf]

HL corpus — new lexical recognitions (Hethitica 8, 1987) [pdf]

Il sistema grafico del luvio geroglifico (1978) [pdf]

Hoenigswald obituary (Language 2008) [pdf]

Il genitivo maschile in -ας (Glotta 39, 1960)61)

Il genitivo miceneo (1960) [pdf]

Il metodo comparativo (1988 [1989]) [pdf]

Il sincretismo dei casi in arcado-cipriota (1964) [pdf]

INDOEUROPEO (Enciclopedia Italiana, 1979) [pdf]

[Italian review of] Moorhouse, Greek Negatives (1961) [pdf]

[Italian review of] Thumb-Scherer, Hb Gr Dialekte II (1960) [pdf]

Ktilos, in Rivista di Cultura Classica e Medioevale 2 (1960) [pdf]

Language classification in 19th century (1975) [pdf]

L’anthroponymie et l’histoire du grec ancien (2001 [2002]) [pdf]

L’esito delle nasali sonanti in miceneo (1961) [pdf]

Koptopoles (CR 21, 1971) [pdf]

Linguistica storica (1992) [pdf]

Linguistic evidence from the Thebes tablets (2006) [pdf]

Loss of sibilants in Greek dialects (FS Penney, 2012) [pdf]

Luwian languages and Hittite -hi conjugation (FS Szemerenyi, 1979) [pdf]

Meillet, Greek and the apercu (1988) [pdf]

MICENEO (Enciclopedia Italiana, 1979) [pdf]

Morphology of Mycenaean and Greek personal names (1999 [2000]) [pdf]

Mycenaean and Greek (1985) [pdf]

Mycenaean and Greek prepositions (1983) [pdf]

Mycenaean, Arcadian, Cyprian and method in dialectology (Mykenaika, 1992) [pdf]

Mycenaean syllabification (1987) [pdf]

Negation and Disjunction in Anatolian (Anatolian Studies 25, 1975) [pdf]

OCD entries (4th ed., 2012) [pdf]

Syllabic scripts and languages in 2nd millennium BC (Parallel Lives, 2012) [pdf]

Open problems in Mycenaean phonology (Etudes myceniennes, 2012) [pdf]

Organic and Organism in Bopp (1987) [pdf]

Oropos (Dialectologica Graeca, 1993) [pdf]

Particles in Greek epigraphical texts (FS Ruijgh, 1997 [1998]) [pdf]

Personal endings of Luwian verb (KZ 94, 1980) [pdf]

Problems in Cyprian phonology (1988) [pdf]

Razza e razzismo (2009) [pdf]

Relative chronology (Encyclopedia of Linguistics, v. II, 2nd ed., 2003) [pdf]

Relative chronology (Encyclopedia of Linguistics, v. III, 1st ed, 1992) [pdf]

R. Gusmani (Kadmos 48.1, 2010) [pdf]

Saussure and IE linguistics (2004) [pdf]

Sessanta anni di linguistica anatolica (Atti Colloquio Napoli, 1998 [2000]) [pdf]

Terminology of Power and Work in Greek and Linear B (Colloquium Mycenaeum, 1979) [pdf]

The -essi datives, Aeolic -ss-, and Lesbian poets (FS Palmer, 1976) [pdf]

The Greek leusso and leuto- problem (FS Chadwick, 1987) [pdf]

The Greek notion of dialect (2002, reprint of Verbum, 1987) [pdf]

The Greek notion of dialect (Verbum 1987) [pdf]

The linguistic evidence. Is there any (1986) [pdf]

Thessalian eintessi and ppl of ‘to be’ (FS Lejeune, 1978) [pdf]

Thessalian patronymic adjectives (Glotta 46, 1968) [pdf]

The structure of the Minoan language (1969) [pdf]

‘To put’ and ‘to stand’ in Luwian (GS Cowgill 1987) [pdf]

Treatment of r, l in Mycenaean and Cyprian (1 Congresso Micenologia, 1968) [pdf]

When data meet theory — HLuwian (TPhS 109.3, 2011) [pdf]

Writing in Ancient Mediterranean World (The Written Word, 1986) [pdf]

Buying and selling in HL (FS Neumann, 1982) [pdf]

Donkeys, Mules and Tarkondemos (Mir Curad-FS Watkins, 1998) [pdf]

Hieroglyphic Hittite (JRAS 1975 (2)) [pdf]

Karatepe. The hieroglyphic text (Anatolian Studies 28, 1978) [pdf]

More Negatives and Disjunctives (Ex Anatolia Lux-FS Melchert, 2010) [pdf]

Running and relatives in Luwian (Kadmos 32, 1993) [pdf]

Studies in HL (Kanissuwar-FS Gueterbock, 1986) [pdf]

Archaic Greek inscription from Crete (British Museum Quarterly 36, 1971) [pdf]

Poinikastas (Kadmos 9, 1970) [pdf]

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