Wilson Lui


My research in linguistics generally revolves around the study of syntax and semantics. My thesis studies the pace of grammaticalisation of coverbs in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. I am also looking at the notions of information structure (such as topic and focus), following the Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) framework, and the use of connectives (‘and’, ‘or’, ‘and/or’). My other line of research looks at the intersections between language and law, for example, the use of language in legal texts and court judgments, courtroom discourse, and legal multilingualism. My research in law focuses on private international law (conflict of laws) and dispute resolution.

Professional Memberships and Education

I am a Chartered Linguist (CL) and Member (MCIL) of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and an Associate (ACIArb) of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. I hold a Master of Law (LLM) from the University of Cambridge, and Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Hong Kong, both with first class honours.


A full list of publications is available upon request.

Selected publications in linguistics include:

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Wilson Lui (2020). Locative Inversion in Cantonese. In Miriam Butt and Ida Toivonen (eds), Proceedings of the LFG’20 Conference, On-line, Stanford, CA: CSLI Publications, 250–267.

Refereed Journal Articles

Wilson Lui 呂致延 (2018). 粵語的主語及話題——以粵語的方位詞倒置現象為例,《大學海》,2019年第7期,頁1–12. [Subject and Topic in Cantonese: Examples in Locative Inversion (2019) 7 Eruditus 1–12.]

Refereed Conference Presentations

Wilson Lui 呂致延. 初探香港中文刑事判案書的粵語運用——以危險駕駛與不小心駕駛案件為例 [A Preliminary Investigation of Cantonese Usage in Hong Kong Chinese Criminal Judgments: Examples from Dangerous Driving and Careless Driving Cases]. Presented at the 3rd Forum on Cantonese Linguistics (FoCaL-3), Hong Kong, 27 June 2020.

Wilson Lui. Language Rights in Bilingual and Multilingual Legal Environments. Presented at the Wolfson Research Event 2020, Cambridge (turned online), 26 June 2020.

Wilson Lui. Locative Inversion in Cantonese. Presented at the 25th International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference, Oslo (turned online), 23–25 June 2020.

Wilson Lui. Revisiting Locative Inversion in Cantonese. Presented at the 22nd International Conference of Yue Dialects, Hong Kong, 8 December 2017.

Selected publications outside linguistics include:

Edited Books

Anselmo Reyes and Wilson Lui (eds) (2021). Direct Jurisdiction: Asian Perspectives. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Book Chapters

Wilson Lui (2021). Singapore. In Anselmo Reyes and Wilson Lui (eds), Direct Jurisdiction: Asian Perspectives. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Anselmo Reyes and Wilson Lui (2021). The Use of Conciliation and Litigation by the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission. In Anselmo Reyes and Weixia Gu (eds), Multi-Tier Approaches to the Resolution of International Disputes: A Global and Comparative Study. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Refereed Conference Presentations

Wilson Lui. The Hong Kong Experience in Student Legal Academic Publishing. To be presented at the 26th World Congress of Political Science, Lisbon (turned online), 10–14 July 2021.

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