Dr Kinga Kozminska

Departmental Lecturer in Sociolinguistics with Phonetics

I am a lecturer in sociolinguistics with phonetics. My research focuses primarily on language ideologies, speaking styles and language socialisation processes in transnational space. I study linguistic practices of Polish-speaking migrants in South-East England through an intersectional lens. Most recently, I have worked on a project on family language policy for which I conducted linguistic ethnographic fieldwork among multilingual families in London. I am currently working mainly with audiovisual recordings of daily interactions in order to understand contemporary soundscapes and everyday offline/online multilingual practices in the globalised, mobile world. I have also published on intonational variation, language ideologies, language and gender.


Additionally, I have taught a range of courses in sociolinguistics, general linguistics, multilingualism, etc. at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At Oxford, I teach sociolinguistics at all levels, and phonetics and phonology to undergraduate students. Together with Dr Jamie Findlay, I am also one of the two Outreach Officers in the Faculty.

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