Dr Jamie Findlay

Departmental Lecturer in Syntax


I am interested in syntax and semantics, and especially in apparent mismatches between the two. My recent work has focussed on idioms and other ‘multiword expressions’, and in particular their representation in the lexicon. Currently, I am exploring the role of metaphor in idiom interpretation, and how we can connect metaphor theory with formal semantic theory.

Much of my work is based in Lexical Functional Grammar and Glue Semantics, and I am more broadly interested in other well-formalised theories of grammar, especially of the ‘constraint-based’ or ‘model-theoretic’ variety.

Beyond this, I also have an interest in sociolinguistics and language-in-use, and in corpus-based and discourse theoretic tools. Within this domain, I’m most interested in the interactions of language with gender and sexuality.


I teach syntax at all levels, and both undergraduate general linguistics papers (Prelims Paper VIII and FHS Paper XIII/A). I also occasionally teach semantics & pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics.


For a detailed publications list and links to my papers, please see my personal website.

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