Kim Fuellenbach


I am interested in exploring the role of language in our acquisition and understanding of basic concepts (e.g., what do we mean when we talk about “tigers”, “cars” or “grad students”?). How are we confident in our judgments of what these categories are like without going out in the world and checking the instances ourselves?

This has led me to work on generic and kind-referring subjects at the interface of linguistics and psychology, and approach questions with psycholinguistic methods, such as pseudoword acquisition tasks. My theoretical assumptions are rooted in the morphosyntax and semantics literature, specifically theories on definiteness and number. 

Before starting my DPhil, I completed my MPhil here at Oxford. The main focus of my MPhil thesis (“Genericity and the human conceptual system: On the morphosyntax of generic subjects”) paved the way for my current research.

For more information, have a look at my personal website.

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