Graduate Studies

General information on the M.St., M.Phil., and D.Phil. in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics is available on the main Graduate Courses site as well as in the Graduate Studies Handbook.

M.St. and M.Phil.

Detailed admissions criteria are laid out in the relevant Graduate Admissions site. Students interested in philology will usually follow one of the pathways list below:

  • choose Historical and Comparative Linguistics and/or History and Structure of a Language as part of their set of B options
  • choose option C, pursuing the study of Proto-Indo-European and a subset of its daughter languages
  • choose option D, focusing on the History and Structure of one language, or of two or more historically related languages

Papers offered under options C and D involve an obligatory translation paper in one or more relevant language(s). Students reading for the M.Phil. will further be expected to produce a thesis of up to 25,000 words in a philological subject, if they choose options C or D.

The languages selected by students choosing option C should normally be ancient Indo-European languages (with one being the major, the other the minor language of study), while those interested in option D may study ancient (e.g. Ancient Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Akkadian) or Modern languages (e.g. French, Italian, German, English, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Czech). Only languages for which teaching is available at the time may be offered. Previous combinations have included: Indo-Iranian and Germanic; Greek and Germanic; Armenian and Iranian; Anatolian and Greek; etc.

Enquiries concerning the availability of language teaching and supervision should be directed to the Faculty Assistant Administrator in the first instance.


Detailed admissions criteria are laid out in the relevant Graduate Admissions site.

Owing to the nature of doctoral research, it is imperative to find a suitable supervisor; accordingly, before applying for a D.Phil., it is sensible to get in touch with potential supervisors and discuss project ideas and their feasibility. A list of staff and their specialties can be found on the People page.

Previous D.Phil. thesis topics have included:

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