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Selected Publications and Manuscripts

2022. ‘The go-future and go-past periphrases in Gallo-Romance’. In Ledgeway, Adam, Smith, John Charles and Vincent, Nigel (Eds) Periphrasis and Inflexion. Oxford University Press. With Sam Wolfe.
2020. ‘A step forward in understanding pas: the post-verbal negator in Old Occitan from the perspective of communication and rhetorical strategizing’, Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie, 136(4): pp. 1018-1048.
2019. ‘Avér o gavér: questo è il dilemma! Microvariazione negli esiti del latino habere nel nord d’Italia’, in Revue Romane, Published Online First, 19th June 2019. .pdf
2014. ‘Defective object clitic paradigms and the relation between language development and loss’, in Journal of Linguistics, March 50.1, pp. 143-183. .pdf
2009. ‘Contrastiveness and New Information: a new view on Focus’, in Rivista di Grammatica Generativa, Volume 34, pp. 137-161. .pdf
2009, ‘Gerarchie di Caso e Persona nei paradigmi dei pronomi atoni obliqui: il caso dei dialetti del Comelico’, in Rivista Italiana di Dialettologia, Volume 33, pp. 59-84. .pdf
2009, ‘Vollständige oder rudimentäre Merkmalsdoppelung? Zu den Flexionsmerkmalen unter C’, in Mensching, Guido and Remberger, Eva Maria (Eds), Romanistische Syntax-minimalistisch, Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, pp. 157-173. .pdf (Or click here for the English version).
2008, ‘Interpolation structures and clitics in Triestino’, in Bentley, Delia and Ledgeway, Adam (Eds), Sui dialetti italoromanzi: saggi in onore di Nigel B. Vincent, The Italianist 27, Special Supplement 1, pp. 184-199. .pdf
2007, ‘The fine structure of the left-periphery: COMPs and Subjects. Evidence from Romance’, Lingua, 117:6, pp. 1057-1079. .pdf
2006, ‘On the relation of [gender] agreement: Evidence from Friulian’, in Costa, João and Figueiredo Silva, Maria Cristina (Eds), Studies on Agreement, Amsterdam, John Benjamins, pp. 223-242. .pdf


2016. A short guide to Italian Phonetics and Phonology for students of Italian Paper V. Manuscript, University of Oxford. .pdf
2010. Contrastive Focus: Only one? Some tips from Cognitive Psychology. Manuscript, University of Oxford. .pdf
2003. 'COMP and the left-periphery: Comparative Evidence from Romance', PhD Thesis, The University of Manchester, June 2003, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board and the University of Manchester. .pdf
1997. 'Agreement: A Relational property or a Functional Projection? Evidence from Romance', MRes Thesis, The University of York, September 1997, funded by the British Academy.

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