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Resources available in Oxford

Linguistic Atlases

Oxford’s libraries have some of the best holdings on the Romance languages in the world. In addition to the innumerable volumes dedicated to, among others, various aspects of the grammar of specific varieties, the Taylor Institution is also home to a number of linguistic atlases, located in the Graduate Study Room (also known as the Map Room). A list of atlases (including both physical volumes held at the Taylorian or resources available online) can be found here.


Language Classes

We are very privileged in Oxford to have a variety of language classes available. Alongside those offered by the Language Centre, the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages also offers classes in the following (lesser studied) Romance languages, at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels:


The Romanian classes are offered by Dr Oana Uță and Prof. Maiden. They take place on Wednesdays (place TBC) at the following times:
beginners — 2pm;
intermediate — 3pm;
advanced — 4pm.

Updated information will be posted here when it becomes available. For general inquiries, please contact Prof. Maiden (martin dot maiden at ling-phil dot ox dot ac dot uk).