FHS Modern Languages & Linguistics

For detailed information on the Modern Languages and Linguistics degree, including paper convenors, consult the MLL Undergraduate Studies Handbook and the Linguistics Weblearn pages.

The following papers are available in the MLL Final Honours School:

Specific Papers (ML Papers XII in Linguistics) Options:

Paper A Linguistic Theory

Papers E1, E2, B and A are compulsory for MLL students. They are also individually available to those who are reading for a sole language, and Papers E1 and E2 are available for those who are reading for two languages. Paper A is also available as one of the finals options in the Honour School of Experimental Psychology and Human Sciences.

In addition to the above, a number of other papers (listed under ‘Special Subjects’ and published by MML) are also available. Among these, the following have been available in recent years: Romance Philology and Linguistics, Old Occitan, Old Norse, Old High German, Morphology. For a complete and up-to-date list of what is available in each academic year, consult the document published on Weblearn ‘Special Subjects’.

Consult the Linguistics area in Weblearn for reading lists and advanced information for these subjects.


Most of the FHS papers are assessed via a three-hour unseen written exam in TT of the final year. However, there are some exceptions, and students are advised to check the individual entries for each option listed in the handbook for the language, or in the Linguistics Examining Conventions or the list of Special Subjects which can be found here.

Click here to see recent Examiners’ reports (under ‘Undergraduate, Examinations, Exam reports’; you will need your SSO username and password to access them).

The Examination Regulations relating to the FHS part of this course are available here. If there is a conflict between information in these pages and the Examination Regulations then you should follow the Examination Regulations. If you have any concerns please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in Linguistics: dus@ling-phil.ox.ac.uk.

Examination Conventions

Examination conventions are the formal record of the specific assessment standards for the course or courses to which they apply. They set out how your examined work will be marked and how the resulting marks will be used to arrive at a final result and classification of your award. They include information on: marking scales, marking and classification criteria, scaling of marks, progression, resits, use of viva voce examinations, penalties for late submission, and penalties for over-length work.

Examination regulations and conventions can be found here. These are updated yearly, usually after the beginning of each academic year. It is therefore advisable to check for the current set at the beginning of Hilary Term.

Marking Descriptors

The criteria used when marking exams are also found here (to see those specific to Linguistics, please scroll down within the ‘Marking Descriptors for the FHS of Modern Languages’ to the section entitled ‘Answers in Linguistics Papers’). In addition, there is also a separate set of marking descriptors for the Linguistic Project. It is a good idea for students to familiarise themselves with the contents of this document and ask their Linguistics tutors for any clarification that may be needed.

It may be necessary for changes to be made in certain circumstances, as explained at www.ox.ac.uk/coursechanges. If such changes are made the Faculty will amend this online information and students will be informed.

Table of options for FHS MLL/ML students

  E1 in the  language E2 in the  language Paper A One of B1-B6, or C, or F (marked as ‘L’) A second paper of B1-B6, or C, or F (marked as ‘L’)
Modern language and linguistics Compulsory Compulsory Compulsory Compulsory Optional
Sole language other than French At least one Optional Optional Unavailable1
French sole Optional Optional Optional Optional Unavailable
Two languages Optional Optional Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable1

1 Except for those offering Spanish who wish to offer XII Modern Catalan or XII Modern Galician

For Prelims students beginning their studies in Michaelmas 2018, the regulations for FHS (applicable from Michaelmas 2019) will be slightly different.  Please consult with your LOT.

Please bear in mind that some of these subjects, especially the paper XII special subjects, are available subject to appropriate teaching being available, and that details of any of the courses may change at short notice.

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