Part I

The first part includes general introductory texts, reference books and journals.

Part II

The second part of this bibliography includes extensive sections for Syntax (A), Semantics and Pragmatics (B), Phonetics (C) and Phonology (D). These subjects form the core of the first-term course.

There are also very short sections which list a few introductory books on Morphology (E), Sociolinguistics (F), Historical Linguistics (G), Computational Linguistics (H) and History of Linguistics (I).

Wider and more detailed bibliographies on these subjects and other branches of linguistics will be distributed in the specific courses about them.

Key to abbreviations

  • CSLI = Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford;
  • CUP = Cambridge University Press;
  • MITP = MIT Press, the University Press of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
  • OUP = Oxford University Press
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