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The Faculty welcomes proposals from researchers looking to apply for the 2017 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship scheme. Those wishing to apply should, in the first instance, make sure that they have identified and received support from a permanent post holder within the Faculty who would act as a mentor for their proposed research. Once they have done this, they should send a research proposal and CV, along with the name of their mentor, to the Faculty's Research Director, Professor Aditi Lahiri, by the end of Friday 9th December. The Faculty will put forward two applications and those who have been chosen as nominated applicants will be informed towards the end of December, and will then work with the Humanities Division's research team to finalise their proposal. Please note that the scheme strongly encourages applicants who are not currently based or studying at the institution in which they intend to carry out their research.

A wide range of research is carried out within the Faculty. The major projects are listed below. 



Research areas

Phonology Language and Brain
Middle Dutch
Psycholinguistics Language and Brain
BabyLab (Department of Experimental Psychology)
Romance Linguistics Autonomous Morphology in Diachrony: comparative evidence from Romance languages
The Romance noun. A comparative-historical study of plural formation
Semantics Glue Semantics and LFG
Resource-sensitive semantic composition
Semantics and grammatical architecture
Language and Music
The Universal Language Internet Portal(TULIP)
Syntax Lexical Functional Grammar
Agreement and Coordination
Differential object marking
Large scale grammar development
Language documentation
Syntax-phonology interface
Other research Applied linguistics (Department of Education)
Computational linguistics (Computing Laboratory)
Japanese linguistics (Faculty of Oriental Studies)


Subject/theme Research areas


Comparative and Classical  Philology and Historical Linguistics


Indo-European comparative linguistics (esp. Greek, Latin, Anatolian, Indo-Iranian)

History and synchronic grammar of Ancient Greek (Mycenaean to Koine Greek, esp. phonology, syntax, epigraphic and literary dialectology, sociolinguistics)

History and synchronic grammar of Latin (Archaic to Late Latin, incl. non-standard varieties)


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