Dr Sandra Paoli

University Lecturer in Linguistics (Romance Languages)

Research profile:

My main research interests lie in the following areas:

  • Comparative synchronic syntactic structure of closely related languages and their
  • Comparative diachronic development with respect to language generalizations and language universals;
  • Information structure at the syntactic and pragmatic levels;
  • Aspects of the development and syntactic status of pronominal forms, especially object clitics;
  • The mechanism of syntactic agreement.

Recent research projects include investigations of Contrastive and Information Focus which has led to the identification of Implicit Contrast and a ‘hybrid’ contrastive-information type, of incomplete sets of object clitics in Italo-Romance and Rhaeto-Romance with a reconstruction of a possible path followed in the processes of development and loss, and of clitic interpolation in Italo-Romance.

I also have an interest in first language acquisition, especially in the acquisition of functional categories.

I have worked within the Cartographic approach and I am also expanding into Typology.

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