Bibliography: Part I. General

1. Introductory

  • Adrian Akmajian, Richard Demers, Ann Farmer, Robert Harnish. (2010) Linguistics: An introduction to language and communication. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.
  • Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman, Nina Hyams. (2013) An introduction to language, 10th edition.  Wadsworth, Boston.

2. Reference

3. Journals

Check also the list of journals in Part II under A. Syntax, since most of them also have more general articles.

@ marks those journals which are available on-line in Oxford, via OU-Ejournals on  OxLip+

  • @Language, Journal of the Linguistic Society of America.
    Something for everyone. Includes significant review articles.
  • @Journal of Linguistics CUP.
    Journal of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain.
  • @Transactions of the Philological Society
    The oldest linguistic journal. Articles on historical, descriptive and general linguistics.
  • The Linguistic Review
    Journal of GLOW (Generative Linguists of the Old World).
  • @Language and Cognitive Processes.
  • @Lingua
    Linguistics, Syntax and phonology but also other subjects. Review articles.
  • Linguistic Typology.Typologically oriented work on phonology, morphology, syntax, historical linguistics, and other areas.
  • @Cognition
    A leading journal of cognitive science, with articles on linguistics and psycholinguistics.
  • @Computational Linguistics
  • @Language and Speech
    Covers empirically strong research on all areas of linguistics.
  • Word: journal of the International Linguistic Association
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