Visiting Academics

The Faculty of Linguistics welcomes a wide range of academics and practitioners who wish to contribute to and participate in the work of the Faculty. Visits normally last between a term and one academic year. The space available is limited, therefore all applications will be considered carefully by the Faculty.

Prospective applicants should complete the Visitor Programme Application Form which should be read in conjunction with the Visitor’s Agreement.

Applicants should return the form to the Administrator at with a separate sheet detailing the planned research activity or programme and a current CV. The application must also be accompanied by a letter of support from an established full member of the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics.

Applicants are asked to pay an administrative charge of £250 for 1 term — £350 for 2 terms — £400 for 3 terms as a standard bench fee. Requested use of Lab facilities will carry further charges following assessment.

Subject to availability and requirements The Humanities Division, in the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, charge for sole desk space is £2,500 for one year.

We are unable to assist with finding accommodation, college association, travel or visa arrangements and applicants must secure independent funding for accommodation and living expenses for the period of their proposed visit.

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