Bibliography: Part II I. History of Linguistics

1. General Overviews

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2. More specialized works divided by periods

a) Ancient and Medieval

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  • Lepschy, G (ed.) 1994. History of Linguistics II. Classical and Medieval Linguistics. Longman. It includes a lengthy and important chapter by P. Matthews on Greek and Latin linguistics; also a chapter on Medieval linguistics by E. Vineis and A. Maicrii.
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b) From the Renaissance to the Eighteenth Century

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c) Nineteenth and twentieth centuries

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3. Reference

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4. Periodicals

  • Beiträge zur Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft. (The Journal of the German and Dutch Societies for the History of Linguistics).
  • Bulletin of the Henry Sweet Society. (Journal of the British Society for the History of Linguistics).
  • Histoire Épistémologie Langage. (Journal of the Société d’Histoire et d’Épistémologie des Sciences du Langage). Historiographia Linguistica. (Benjamins).
  • @Historiographia Linguistica

These are periodicals specialized in the history of linguistics; other articles in the subject appear in periodicals about linguistics or about the history of ideas.

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