Training Opportunities for Graduate Students in Linguistics

University training

For information on skills and work experiences available via the University’s Careers Service. 

Humanities training

The Humanities Division and its professional training officer offer Researcher Development and Training opportunities.

The Language Centre

The Language Centre offers courses in Academic English.

It also offers courses in languages for study and research. If the language is closely related to the study/research in which a student is engaged, Faculty funding may be available.

Faculty Training

The Faculty runs a training session for the University’s Preparation for Learning and Teaching at Oxford (PLTO) programme to equip current DPhil students to teach in undergraduate courses. For further information, please contact the Academic Office.

All MPhil and PRS students are required to attend the regularly scheduled Faculty Thesis workshop, which involves learning the skills in writing up research and also presenting it orally to the rest of the group.

The following regular seminars provide an invaluable resource for graduates in research and presentation. See Lecture List and Canvas for further details.

  • General Linguistics Graduate Seminar

  • Comparative Philology Seminar

  • Romance Linguistics Seminar

Careers advice

Students are encouraged to attend meetings and workshops provided by the University Careers Service

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