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Linguistics Organising Tutors (LOTs)

  • Balliol: Sandra Paoli
  • Brasenose: Daniel Altshuler
  • Christ Church: Ian Watson
  • Corpus Christi: Wolfgang de Melo
  • Exeter: Ros Temple
  • Hertford, St Peter’s: Afra Pujol i Campeny
  • Jesus: Daniel Altshuler
  • Keble: Howard Jones
  • Lady Margaret Hall: Fabian Helmrich
  • Magdalen (MLL): Ros Temple
  • Magdalen (PPL): Paul Elbourne
  • Merton: Richard Ashdowne
  • New: Ros Temple
  • Oriel: Víctor Acedo-Matellán
  • Pembroke: Holly Kennard
  • Queen’s: Joanna Przedlacka
  • Somerville: Louise Mycock
  • St Anne’s: Mary Baltazani
  • St Catherine’s, St John’s: Sam Wolfe (MT), Marc Olivier (HT, TT)
  • St Edmund Hall: Johanneke Sytsema
  • St Hilda’s: Kerstin Hoge
  • St Hugh’s: Matt Husband
  • Trinity, University, Wadham: Richard Ashdowne
  • Worcester: Charlotte Hemmings

Faculty members primarily based at other Faculties or Colleges

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Chair of the Faculty Board

  • Prof Philomen Probert

Faculty Officers and Leads

  • Chair of the Faculty / Deputy Chair of the Faculty Board: Prof Andreas Willi; Professor Colin Phillips (from 1 January 2024)
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS): Prof Sam Wolfe <>
  • Director of Graduate Studies (DGS): Dr Louise Mycock <>
  • Disability Lead: Dan Holloway
  • Disability Officers: Dan Holloway
  • Harassment Advisors: Dan Holloway and Dr Kerstin Hoge
  • Knowledge Exchange, Innovation, and Impact Lead: Dr Michele Bianconi
  • Research Director: Prof Matthew Husband

Prelims and FHS Conveners

  • Prelims General Linguistics Convener: Prof Matt Husband
  • Prelims Phonetics & Phonology Convener: Dr Holly Kennard
  • Prelims Morphology Convener: Dr Hannah Davidson
  • Prelims Semantics & Pragmatics Convener: Prof Daniel Altshuler
  • Prelims Syntax Convener: Dr Diego Krivochen
  • Paper A Coordinator: Dr Diego Krivochen

Linguistics Librarian

  • Dr Johanneke Sytsema

ECR representatives

  • Dr Charles Redmon
  • Dr Hilary Wynne    

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Student Representatives

  • Postgraduate (Research): Josh Booth
  • Postgraduate (Teaching): Catherine Brislane
  • Undergraduate (MLL): Danielle Chorley
  • Undergraduate (PPL): TBC

MPhil (1st year) Students

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MPhil (2nd year) Students

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DPhil Students

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