FHS Reading List

Background Reading List for FHS Papers

A reading list for Paper A can be found here.

Consult the individual entries for each Paper B or contact the course convenor for additional readings for those papers.

Most titles are available in Oxford libraries. Click here to find which library holds a copy.


  • Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman, Nina Hyams. (2013) An introduction to language, 10th edition. Wadsworth, Boston.
  • Carol Genetti. (2014) How Languages Work: An Introduction to Language and Linguistics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Phonetics and phonology

  • International Phonetic Association. (1999) Handbook of the International Phonetic Association: A guide to the use of the international phonetic alphabet. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
  • Peter Ladefoged. (2004) Vowels and consonants: An introduction to the sounds of languages. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.
  • Iggy Roca. (1994) Generative phonology. Linguistic theory guides, Routledge, London.


  • Martin Haspelmath and Andrea D. Sims. (2010) Understanding morphology. Hodder Education, London.
  • Rochelle Lieber. (2010) Introducing morphology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.


  • Andrew Carnie. (2012) Syntax: a Generative Introduction, third edtion. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.
  • Yehuda N. Falk. (2001) Lexical-functional grammar: an introduction to parallel constraint-based syntax. CSLI Publications, Stanford.
  • Paul R. Kroeger. (2004) Analyzing syntax. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Koenraad Kuiper and Jacqui Nokes. (2013) Theories of Syntax: Concepts and case studies. Palgrave, London.

Semantics and pragmatics

  • Jean Aitchison. (2012) Words in the mind: An introduction to the mental lexicon, fourth edition. Blackwell, Oxford.
  • D. Alan Cruse. (2010) Meaning in language: An introduction to semantics and pragmatics. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • K. M. Jaszczolt. (2002) Semantics and pragmatics: Meaning in language and discourse. Longman, Harlow.
  • Stephen C. Levinson. (2003) Pragmatics. Cambridge textbooks in linguistics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • John I. Saeed. (2008) Semantics. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.


  • Nikolas Coupland and Adam Jaworski. (2009) The New Sociolinguistics Reader. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.
  • Christina Bratt Paulston. (2003) Sociolinguistics: the essential readings. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.
  • Miriam Meyerhoff. (2011) Introducing sociolinguistics. Routledge, London.

Historical linguistics

  • Jean Aitchison. (2013) Language change: progress or decay? Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Lyle Campbell. (1998) Historical linguistics: an introduction. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.
  • April M. S. McMahon. (1994) Understanding language change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
  • R. L.Trask (1996), Historical linguistics, Hodder Arnold, London

Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics

  • Eric H. Lenneberg, with appendices by Noam Chomsky and Otto Marx. (1967) Biological foundations of language. Wiley, New York.
  • Plunkett, Kim. (1998) Language acquisition and connectionism. Psychology Press, Hove
  • David Caplan. (1987) Neurolinguistics and linguistic aphasiology: An introduction. Cambridge studies in speech science and communication, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • David Caplan. (1996) Language: Structure, processing, and disorders. Issues in the biology of language and cognition, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.
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