Graduate Admissions

Online application issues

Q: I am having technical problems with my application. What shall I do?

A: If you have any technical problems with your application, see the University’s Graduate Admissions technical support page.


General questions

Q: Can I apply for the MSt/MPhil if I have not previously studied Linguistics?

A: While it is not necessary for applicants to hold a first degree in Linguistics, they should demonstrate an understanding of what Linguistics is and why they are interested in the subject in their application. Please see the Graduate Admissions website for entry requirements to our MSt and MPhil courses:


Q: What is the deadline for applications?

A: Application deadlines for graduate courses can be accessed here.

For Master’s courses, applications must be submitted for the January deadline. No Master’s applications can be considered after the January deadline.

For the DPhil course, applications must be submitted by the January, or March deadline. Depending on availability of places, DPhil applications may also be considered after the March deadline.

Studentship applications for all degrees must be submitted by the January deadline.


Q: Are there any courses in English Language?

A: No, the Faculty does not teach English for learners of the language. There are many reputable English Language schools in Oxford. See for help in choosing a school.

The Oxford University Language Centre runs courses in the use of English for academic purposes, and intensive improvers’ courses in August, for students entering in October. We recommend students take advantage of these opportunities, where appropriate.


Q: Are there any short courses or summer courses?

A: No.


Q: Can I do the MSt/MPhil part-time, by distance learning?

A: No. You must be resident in Oxford and attend teaching in person.


Q: What are the University and colleges doing to increase the number of postgraduate students from groups that are under-represented at Oxford?

A: You can read more about graduate access here.


Q: Do I need to contact anyone before I apply?

A: You do not need to make contact with the department before you apply but you are encouraged to visit the relevant departmental webpages to read any further information about your chosen course. 


Q: Please send me an application form.

A: The Faculty does not send out application forms: applications must be made online. A guide explaining how to apply for graduate study at Oxford, including how to complete the application form and provide supporting documents, is available here


Q: Shall I send my application to you in the Centre for Linguistics and Philology?

A: No. It must be submitted online to the Graduate Admissions Office. See the University’s Application Guide for graduates.


Q: Which college shall I choose? I don’t understand which college offers the best Linguistics course.

A: The colleges do not provide the teaching for our courses. The teaching is done in the Faculty. Everyone who studies at Oxford has to be linked to a college for administrative reasons. You can find more information here.


Q: When happens after I apply?

A: After you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Graduate Admissions office to make sure that it is ready for assessment. If it was submitted on time, with all the necessary supporting documents, and you’ve paid the application fee, it will be sent on to the academic department for assessment. Find out more information on what happens after you apply here.


Q: If I am offered a place, can I defer my entry for a year?

A: Not normally. You must take up the place for the year of the offer. See the University’s guidance on your offer and contract for help with this question here.


Q: What is PRS?

A: A PRS student is a Probationary Research Student, who will later be confirmed as a DPhil student, if milestones are met.


Q: Can you consider an application after the final deadline?

A: All applications must come through the route described above, following the deadline dates given. No one can be given priority or preference. For the MSt and MPhil courses, there is only one starting date — October — for which the application date is January. For the DPhil only, in exceptional circumstances and if places remain, it may be possible to consider an application after March.


Q: Can I study Applied Linguistics? What about second language acquisition?

A: You cannot study Applied Linguistics in this faculty. The Department of Education works in this field and offers an M.Sc. degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition.


International applicants

Q: Do I need to take a test for my English?

A: Information about English Language Requirements is available here


Q: Do you have any scholarships for international students to help finance my studies?

A: Find out more information about funding here.

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