Meetings and Events

Next Meeting

Unfortunately, there will be no meeting in Trinity 2020. We look forward to resuming our meetings in Michaelmas 2020.


Previous Meetings

Hilary 2020: Foot structure in early Old English and early Middle English (Nelson Goering; Holly Kennard as discussant)

Michaelmas 2019: The ProTag construction in Germanic (Louise Mycock; Nelson Goering as discussant)

Trinity 2019: (A)symmetries in phonological representations and processes across Germanic (Aditi Lahiri; Kerstin Hoge & Howard Jones as discussants)

Hilary 2019: Bible translations into the Germanic languages (Howard Jones & Mark Atherton; Kerstin Hoge as discussant)

Michaelmas 2018: On interrogative verb morphology (Frans Plank; Kerstin Hoge as discussant)

Other Events

  • The Second Old Frisian Summer School, which was supposed to take place in June 2020, has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

  • Germanic Reading Group – contact

Please contact if you would like to join the Germanic Linguistics Circle or post an event.

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