Oxford Linguistics Doctoral Students Sweep the Prestigious Robins Prize

Congratulations to Dr Emily Lindsay-Smith and Ms Amanda Thomas, just announced as Winner and Runner-Up respectively of the Robins Prize from the Philological Society!


Emily Lindsay-Smith, who gained her DPhil this spring, has been awarded the Philological Society’s Robins Prize, with a £500 cash prize, for her essay Clitic/Affix Distinction in Arabic. Amanda Thomas has been chosen as the Runner Up with her essay Multiple factors in the licensing of null arguments: Null Objects in Brazilian Portuguese, and receives a £250 prize.


The competition for the R. H. Robins Student Prize is held once every two years by the Philological Society. It rewards an article on a linguistic topic that falls within the area of the Society’s interests. The Proze takes is name from the former PhilSoc President Professor R. H. (“Bobby”) Robins and is awarded to a registered student (at the time of submission) and a Member or Student Associate Member of Phil Soc. 


Both essays will be considered for publication in the Transactions of the Philological Society, subject to the usual peer review process. 

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