UNIQ+ Research Internships now open for 2023 applications

Applications are now open for UNIQ+ 2023, the University of Oxford’s flagship graduate access programme.

UNIQ+ research internships offer UK undergraduate students from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to experience postgraduate study in Oxford’s research community.

UNIQ+ interns undertake research projects over seven weeks from July 2023 with regular support and supervision from Oxford staff and students, as well as training in key research skills. The internships include a stipend of £3,000 and free-of-charge accommodation at one of Oxford’s colleges.

Applications are open to those ordinarily resident in the UK who are in their second, third or later year of undergraduate study at a UK or Irish university. The deadline for applications is 12 midday on Friday 17 February 2023.

Dr Louise Mycock is running a Linguistics/English Language project in 2023:

The meaning of ‘meaningless’ pronouns: Middle English to Modern English

The ProTag Construction is an excellent example of how language conveys more than literal meaning. A ProTag is an apparently superfluous pronoun added to a clause, as in “That’s good quality, that” or “I’m a hard worker, me”. In each case, the clause would be fully interpretable if the final pronoun were omitted. This project aims to answer the question: Why would any speaker of English use a ProTag? ProTags are not a recent innovation: this construction has been part of the English language for centuries. Previous research has found evidence of ProTag use in the works of Jonson, Marlowe, and Shakespeare. Working with data from the 13th century to the 20th century, you will review examples of ProTag use, identify their functions according to a classification system which is in development, and construct profiles of the characters who use ProTags to determine what factors might influence their occurrence.

For full information, including eligibility criteria, application details and all projects available for 2023, visit the UNIQ+ website.

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