JUST PUBLISHED: Timothy G. Barnes, 'Anatolian and Indo-European legal language (I)'

A Luwian inscription of the late tenth or early ninth century BCE (pictured here) ends — in typical Luwian style — with a threat against anyone who damages the stone. “May Halabean Tarhunzas not grant ARA PATA to destroy!” Halabean Tarhunzas is a god, but what is ARA PATA? For new light on this longstanding problem, see now Timothy G. Barnes’ article ‘Anatolian and Indo-European legal language (I): Hittite āra, natta āra, a Hieroglyphic Luwian crux, and a Tocharian parallel’, just published in Die Sprache (volume 55, 2022/23, pp. 27-60). Congratulations to Tim, who is about to join us as Departmental Lecturer in Classical Philology — and a warm welcome!

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