Fabian Helmrich

  • Research

      With a BA in Russian and Serbian/Croatian (UCL SSEES), Fabian has a keen interest in the languages of Southeast Europe and Russia. His current research focuses on Sociolinguistic topics of the region with a particular focus on queer topics. Furthermore, Fabian is interested in the social and typological consequences of language contact in a variety of settings.

  • Publications

     Fabian Helmrich (2018) The Gay Hussar: The Origins and Spread of Buserant in the Danube Region, Central Europe, 16:2, 105-111, DOI: 10.1080/14790963.2019.1637581


    Fabian Helmrich (2019) Репрезентация эпических героев в трёх славянских устных традициях, Студент ХХІ столетия: диалог,  взаимопонимание, толерантность (Conference at SIBSTRIN), 7-12

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