Dr Holly Kennard

Departmental Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology

Having completed a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, I am continuing to investigate Breton morphophonology, and was recently awarded a grant from the John Fell Fund for my project Intonation in Breton.

I am particularly interested in how French words are assigned grammatical gender and metrical stress when they are borrowed into Breton, as well as the effect that the decline and subsequent revival of the language is having on native morphophonology. In addition, I am interested in loanwords and prosody more generally. My research has also involved employing psycholinguistic experimental methods to explore perception of stress among bilingual speakers.

My current project seeks to investigate Breton intonation, and will use connected speech recordings to examine intonational contours from speakers of different ages and backgrounds.

I teach undergraduate phonetics and phonology, and graduate phonology, and supervise theses and projects on a variety of topics in phonology and other areas related to my research.

Further details of my research interests, and a list of my publications and conference papers, can be found on my personal webpage.

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