Jane Xuzhen Tang

Jane’s research interests include phonetics, sociolinguistics, multilingualism, and language documentation. Their current interest is the phonetics of Hong Kong English.

Jane’s undergraduate final year research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong focused on the audio-visual speech perception of Hong Kong English. Under the supervision of Professor Peggy Pik Ki Mok, they investigated how race and language are associated with each other in the social and historical context of Hong Kong.

Jane has worked on elicitation of the Lebo’ Vo’ (Long Tikan) variety of Kenyah as part of a linguistics fieldwork methods course instructed by Dr Alexandar David Smith at CUHK. They contributed to the elicitation and organisation of data in items 002, 003, 007, 031, and 038 in the ‘Kenyah Lebo’ Vo’, Long Tikan’ collection available on the Kaipuleohone Archive.


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