Dr Joanna Przedlacka

Postdoctoral Researcher in Phonetics


I am an experimental phonetician with an interest in sociophonetic variation and diachrony. My recent work has been on Greek in Contact, a project which investigates the impact of long-term past and ongoing language contact on the intonational patterns of contact varieties of Greek. The speakers of those dialects lived and interacted with Turkish (Cypriot, Asia Minor Greek) and Venetian Italian (Cretan, Corfiot) speaking populations. We compared the modelled f0 curves of speakers of different dialects and from different generations to find differences in their shape including location of peaks and troughs.

My projects include: (1) the acoustics of inter-speaker variation in Received Pronunciation in the 1930s; (2) temporal properties of nasal energy patterns in in standard Polish with contact accelerometry (adhesive microphones) and dynamic monitoring of oral and nasal airflow (3) using autocorrelation to measure glottalisation in natural speech, where visual acoustic or auditory criteria are lacking.

Teaching and other activities

I teach Prelims Paper IX (Phonetics and Phonology), FHS Paper B/XII (Phonetics) and FHS General Linguistics Paper A. Before coming to Oxford I lectured phonetics for clinical, fieldwork and ELT purposes (UCL and De Montfort University). I am an associate director of the Summer Course in English Phonetics at UCL I have also been co-examiner for the International Phonetic Association’s Certificate of Proficiency in the Phonetics of English.

Selected Publications

2023.  Przedlacka, J. Estuary English. Encyclopaedia of World Englishes. Wiley-Blackwell.

2023. Baltazani, M.,  Przedlacka, J. Ünal-Logačev, Ö., Logačev, P. and Coleman, J. Intonation of Greek in contact with Turkish: a diachronic study. Language Variation and Change 34:3

2022 Baltazani, M., Coleman, J., Passoni, E., Przedlacka, J. Echoes of past contact: Venetian influence on Cretan Greek intonation. Language and Speech.

2022. Šturm, P., Przedlacka, J., Rojczyk, A., Imitation of glottal articulations by Czech speakers of English. submitted to Linguistica Pragensia.

2020. Baltazani, M., Przedlacka, J., Coleman, J. Intonation of Greek‒Turkish contact: a real-time diachronic study. 10th International Conference on Speech Prosody 2020. 730‒734.

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