Joshua Booth


I am a theoretical phonologist with a special interest in Germanic phonology, in particular issues of prosodic structure. I am interested in the historical development of Germanic, as well as the synchronic structure of both present and past stages of these languages. As a postdoctoral researcher in the Language and Brain Laboratory, my research interests additionally include experimental psycholinguistics, again focusing on questions of processing phonological representations and morphological complexity. My DPhil thesis, Prosody in the parchment: Manuscript evidence for the pertinacity of syllable, foot and word-prosodic structures in the mediaeval German grammar, aimed to provide an account of the development of the phonological system of German from the mediaeval to the modern period, with questions of prosodic structure of particular interest, such as quantity, foot structure and lexical stress. I am currently investigating the prosodic representation of simple and special clitics in Middle High German.






  • Booth, Joshua. 2020. Prosody in the parchment: Manuscript evidence for the pertinacity of syllable, foot and word-prosodic structures in the mediaeval German grammar. Thesis (DPhil), University of Oxford, Oxford.
  • Booth, Joshua. 2020. The metrical treatment of Romance loan words in Middle High German and its impact on the native word prosodic system. Thesis (MPhil), University of Oxford, Oxford.


TUTOR | Undergraduate Prelims General Linguistics | University of Oxford, 2022–2023

  • Tutorial teaching for a pair of first-year undergraduates, focusing on General Linguistics and involving the discussion of weekly termtime essays.
  • Comprises two tutorials each in ’Foundations’, ’Historical Linguistics’, ’Sociolinguistics’ and ’Psycholinguistics’.

TUTOR | Graduate Foundations: Phonology | University of Oxford, 2020–2023

  • For three years, I have taught the weekly practical class supporting the obligatory lecture series introducing new master’s students to phonology.
  • Involves marking and providing feedback on 25–30 students’ weekly problem sheets and reviewing these in a weekly seminar.

TUTOR | Graduate B Option: Phonetics & Phonology | University of Oxford, 2020–2023

  • The equivalent class to the above for master’s students taking an options paper in Phonetics & Phonology, focusing on advanced phonology.

LECTURE SERIES | Historical Germanic Phonology & Morphology (with Prof. Aditi Lahiri) | University of Oxford, 2021–2022

  • Wrote and delivered three of six lectures, directed at graduate students.
  • Topics included ’IE > Gmc > WGmc > OHG’, ’The Gmc Foot’ and ’High Vowel Deletion’.
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