Dr Krishnan Ram-Prasad

Junior Research Fellow in Classics and Linguistics, Merton College


My research focuses on comparative Indo-European syntax and syntactic reconstruction. I completed my PhD in 2022 on the syntax of relative clauses in Proto-Indo-European, and I am in the process of developing this research into a monograph for Cambridge University Press. In addition to comparative and diachronic syntax, I also work on developing synchronic analyes of ancient Indo-European languages. Those I have a particular specialism in include Latin, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit and Hittite.

Alongside my syntactic work, I have a line of research in critical and decolonial approaches to the discipline(s) of Classics and Comparative Philology.


I tutor for a range of undergraduate courses in both Linguistics and Classics. I have also taught language classes in Latin, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit and Old English. You can find out more about my teaching repertoire and research on my website.


— 2023. Clitics and the left periphery in the Sanskrit of the Rigveda. Journal of Historical Syntax 7(22):1-53.
— 2023. Comparative Philology and Critical Ancient World Studies. In M. Umachandran & M. Ward (eds) Critical Ancient World Studies: The case for forgetting Classics. London: Routledge, pp. 91-106.

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