Dr Pau Francesch Sabate

Lecturer in Catalan Studies, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

Pau Francesch Sabaté holds a PhD in Catalan Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies (Universitat de Barcelona). He completed a BA in Political Science (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and a MA in Philosophy and Human Rights (Universitat de Barcelona). His main areas of research are the pragmatics of English to Catalan literary translation and Catalan information structure. He is also interested in L2 teaching.


His main research topics are the application of linguistic corpora to the analysis and evaluation of literary translation, pragmatic ambiguity as an intercultural phenomenon and the pragmatics and semantics of Catalan marked word orders. Currently, he is also interested in the pragmatics and semantics of marked structures in Catalan to English translation.


At the Sub-faculty of Spanish, he teaches Catalan language and culture, grammar, translation, writing skills and oral skills. He also teaches FHS papers: Paper VIII (Catalan Poetry/Prose), Paper XII (Modern Catalan and Contemporary Catalan literature) and Extended essay in Catalan literature and linguistics. He has also taught Catalan and Spanish language and culture at the University of Birmingham (2022-2023) and Catalan syntax at Universitat de Barcelona (2020-2021).

Recent works

[Forth.] FRANCESCH, Pau (2023) «Prototypical contexts for right dislocation in English to Catalan literary translation».

[accepted] FRANCESCH, Pau & Lluís PAYRATÓ (2023) «Translating the unsaid. Pragmatic ambiguity, implicatures and translation». Studia Linguistica.

FRANCESCH, Pau (2022) «Contrastive focus in English-Catalan fiction translations: translation equivalence and corpus study / El focus contrastiu en traduccions de narrativa anglès-català: equivalències de traducció i estudi de corpus», Caplletra. Revista Internacional de Filologia.

[Conference presentation] FRANCESCH, Pau & Maria del Mar VANRELL (2022) «Quantified Phrase Fronting (QPF) in Catalan: A prosodic and pragmatic analysis with data from oral corpora / Les avantposicions de sintagmes quantificats (ASQ) en català: Una anàlisi prosòdica i pragmàtica amb dades de corpus orals». XIII Workshop sobre la prosòdia del català. Universitat de Barcelona. <7/7/2022>.

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