DPhil Theses

Below is a list of approved DPhil theses in the Faculty. 

Titles in blue are available online in the Oxford University Research Archive.


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Arkadiusz Kwapiszewski (New)

Dialogue designer at PolyAI

Dr Víctor Acedo-Matellán and Professor Matt Husband Aspect and event structure. The morphosyntax of Polish verbs from a cross-linguistic perspective  


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Eileen Coughlan (Balliol)

Professor Deborah Cameron Identity, place and legitimate language: a comparative study of language attitudes among teenagers in two Irish-medium schools  

Emily Lindsay-Smith (St. Catherine’s)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Surrey Morphology Group, University of Surrey; Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Language and Brain Laboratory, University of Oxford

Professor Aditi Lahiri A phonological typology of modern Arabic varieties Prof. Wolfgang de Melo (Wolfson) & Prof. Elan Dresher (Toronto)

Andrew James Lloyd (Kellogg)

Dr Sam Wolfe The microvariation of post-verbal negative particles in Old Gallo-Romance: a comparative study  

Nicola Swinburne (St. Edmund Hall)

Dr Sandra Paoli The grammaticalization of do-support in the northern Italian Camuno dialect

Dr Víctor Acedo-Matellán (Oriel) & Prof. Ian Roberts (Cambridge)

Amanda Thomas (Trinity)

Editor, Lexicography, Oxford English Dictionary

Dr Louise Mycock Divergence and mismatches in Portuguese morphology and syntax Prof. Mary Dalrymple & Dr Louise Esher (CNRS)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Hannah Davidson (St Edmund Hall)

Postdoctoral Researcher and Outreach Officer, Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics, University of Oxford

Dr Sandra Paoli The development of tense, mood and aspect markers in Mauritian Creole Prof. Wolfgang De Melo  (Wolfson) & Prof. Sibylle Kriegel (Aix-Marseille)

Kim Fuellenbach (St Hugh’s)

Senior Learning Consultant and Digital Learning Expert

Professor Matt Husband A generic subject. The interplay of morphosyntax and the human conceptual system Prof. Aditi Lahiri (Somerville) & Prof.

Jennifer Culbertson (Edinburgh)

Béatrice Rea (Lady Margaret Hall)

Copywriter (Conceptrice-rédactrice) at The French Shop, Canada

Professor Martin Maiden and Dr Rosalind Temple Je m’ai fait mal quand j’ai tombé: a real- and apparent-time study of auxiliary alternation in intransitive and pronominal verbs in spoken Montréal French (1971-2016)  

Katherine Truslove (Wolfson)

Civil Servant, Civil Service Fast Stream

Prof Deborah Cameron The relationship between English and German in Germany: a sociolinguistic study of the use of English and anglicisms, and attitudes towards them Dr Kerstin Hoge (St Hilda’s) & Prof. Kristina Hultgren (Open University)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Zeprina-Jaz Ainsworth (Worcester)

Professor Martin Maiden and Professor Ulla-Maija Forsberg Loss, retention, and accretion of inflexional case-marking — diachronic evidence from Italic and Finnic  

Michele Bianconi (St Hilda’s)

Departmental Lecturer in Classical Philology, University of Oxford

Professor Andreas Willi The Linguistic Relationships between Greek and the Anatolian Languages Dr Christopher Metcalf (Queen’s) & Prof. H. Craig Melchert (UCLA)

Jamie Findlay (Linacre)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Semantics, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo

Professor Ash Asudeh and Professor Mary Dalrymple

Multiword expressions and the lexicon Prof. Stephen Pulman (Somerville) & Prof. Thomas Wasow (Stanford)

Stephen Jones (Kellogg)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Bernoulli Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and Mathematics at the University of Groningen

Professor Mary Dalrymple Modelling an incremental theory of Lexical Functional Grammar Dr John Lowe (Wolfson) & Prof. Shravan Vasishth (Potsdam)

Yoolim Kim (Wolfson)

Visiting Lecturer in Psychology, Wellesley College

Dr Sandra Kotzor and Professor Aditi Lahiri The mental representations of Hanja: exploring cross-script semantic cohorts in Korean  

Mitko Sabev (Wolfson)

Teaching Associate, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge

Professor Elinor Payne Spectral and durational unstressed vowel reduction: an acoustic study of monolingual and bilingual speakers of Bulgarian and Turkish  



Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Xavier Bach (Lincoln)

Junior Research Fellow in Linguistics, Trinity College, Oxford

Professor Martin Maiden and Professor Mary Dalrymple The origins of inflectional classes  

Rosemary Hall (Magdalen)

Research Assistant, Dialect and Heritage Project, School of English, University of Leeds

Professor Deborah Cameron and Dr Rosalind Temple

Staging language in Bermuda: phonology and parodic performance of Bermudian English  

Ana Werkmann Horvat (Worcester)

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Osijek, Croatia

Dr Matt Husband and Professor Ash Asudeh Layers of Modality  

Christopher Huff (Hertford)

Dr Elinor Payne and Professor Aditi Lahiri A Study of Mandarin Homophony Prof. J.S. Coleman (Wolfson) & Prof. K. Johnson (Berkeley)

Joseph Lovestrand (Somerville)

Professor Mary Dalrymple Serial verb constructions in Barayin: Typology, description and lexical-functional grammar Prof. Ash Asudeh (Jesus) & Prof. Peter Austin (SOAS)

Robin Meyer (Wolfson)

Assistant Professor of Historical Linguistics, Department of Language and Information Sciences, University of Lausanne

Professor Theo van Lint and Dr Elizabeth Tucker Iranian-Armenian language contact in and before the 5th century CE: An investigation into pattern replication and societal multilingualism  

Marjolein Poortvliet (New)

Linguist and Artist; 5-year Honorary Affiliate at Charles University

Professor Mary Dalrymple and Professor Ash Asudeh Perception and predication: a synchronic and diachronic analysis of dutch descriptive perception verbs as evidential copular verbs Prof. Aditi Lahiri (Somerville) & Prof. Gabriele Diewald (Hannover)

Svetlana Schuster (Lady Margaret Hall)

Senior Language Engineer with Amazon

Professor Aditi Lahiri Lexical gaps and morphological complexity: the role of intermediate derivational steps  

Cong Zhang (St Anne’s)

Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology, Newcastle University

Professor Aditi Lahiri Tianjin Mandarin Tones and Tunes Dr. Mary Baltazani (St Anne’s) and Dr. Yiya Chen (Leiden)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Geoffrey Gosby (Lincoln)

Independent linguist and translator

Dr Jan Fellerer Information Structure of Georgian  

Michael Ashby (Kellogg)

Retired. Honorary Senior Lecturer, Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, University College, London

Professor John Coleman Experimental Phonetics in Britain, 1890-1940  

Tsz Mei Chan (Worcester)

Professor John Coleman and Professor Ian Watson Alveolarization in Hong Kong Cantonese: A sociophonetic study of neogrammarian and lexical diffusion models of sound change  

Aimi Kuya (New)

Associate Professor, College of Letters, International Studies and English Communication, Ritsumeikan University

Professor Bjarke Frellesvig Diffusion of Western Loanwords in Contemporary Japanese: A Sociolinguistic Approach to Lexical Variation  


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Helena Beeley (New)

Diplomat, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Professor Philomen Probert and Professor John Coleman The phonetics of labialized velars in Ancient Greek  

Kinga Kozminska (Somerville)

Lecturer, Birkbeck College, University of London

Dr Rosalind Temple Language and identity in a transnational context: a sociophonetic study of the Polish of a group of migrants living in the UK  

Nelson Goering (Wolfson)

Researcher, Department of Linguistics, Ghent University

Professor Aditi Lahiri The linguistic elements of Old Germanic metre: Phonology, metrical theory, and the development of alliterative verse  

Hilary Wynne (Lady Margaret Hall)

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Language and Brain Laboratory, University of Oxford

Professor Aditi Lahiri The Phonological Encoding of Complex Morphosyntactic Structures in Native and Non-native English Speakers Dr E.M. Husband (St Hugh’s) & Prof. P. Fikkert (Radboud)

Helen Sims-Williams (Christ Church)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Surrey Morphology Group, University of Surrey

Dr Peter Barber Analogy in Morphological Change: The diachronic treatment of irregularity in Greek Prof. P. Probert (Wolfson) & Dr. M. Baerman (Surrey)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Tom Juzek (Jesus)

Assistant Professor of Computational Linguistics, Florida State University

Prof. M. Dalrymple Acceptability Judgement Tasks and Grammatical Theory Dr. A. Asudeh (Jesus) & Prof. G. Fanselow (Potsdam)

Steven Kaye (Magdalen)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Surrey Morphology Group, University of Surrey

Prof. M. Maiden Conjugation Class from Latin to Romance: Heteroclisis in Diachrony and Synchrony Mr J.C. Smith (St. Catherine’s) & Prof. F. Plank (Konstanz)

Brigita Seguis (Hertford)

Senior Research Manager, Cambridge Assessment (English)

Dr. J. Fellerer The Polish-Russian Mixed Code in the Polish Community in Lithuania Dr. R. Temple (New) & Prof. A. Backus (Tilburg)

Liselotte Snijders (Worcester)

Senior Linguist, Google Bard

Prof. M. Dalrymple The Nature of Configurationality in LFG Dr. P. Probert (Wolfson) & Prof. L. Sadler (Essex)

Jeannique Darby (Somerville)

Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics, Institutt for språk og litteratur, Høgskulen i Volda

Prof. A. Lahiri The Processing of Conversion in English: Morphological Complexity and Underspecification Dr. E. M. Husband (St Hugh’s) & Prof. F. Plank (Konstanz)

Benjamin Cartlidge (Trinity)

Lecturer in Greek Culture and Classical Receptions, University of Liverpool

Dr. W. de Melo The Language of Menander Comicus and its Relation to the Koine Dr. P. Probert (Wolfson) & Dr. A. Sommerstein (Nottingham)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Dong-Hong Ji (Somerville)

Prof. S. G. Pulman Conceptual Relevance: Representation and Analysis Prof. J Coleman (Wolfson) & Prof. E. J. Briscoe (Cambridge)

John Kerby (Somerville)

Prof. M. Dalrymple Deictic Categories in Toda Sedeq (Austronesian, Taiwan) Mr J C Smith (St Catherine’s) & Prof D Brown (York)

Benjamin Molineaux Ress (St Hilda’s)

Postdoctoral research assistant on the project FITS: From Inglis to Scots, University of Edinburgh

Prof. A. Lahiri Synchronic and diachronic morphoprosody: evidence from Mapudungun and early English Dr S R Parkinson (Linacre) & Prof B E Dresher (Toronto)

Damien Mooney (Balliol)

Dr R. Temple Linguistic Transfer and Dialect Levelling: a Sociophonetic Analysis of Contact in the Regional French of Bearn Prof I M C Watson (Christ Church) & Dr D Hornsby (Kent)

Zeynab Raeesy (Queen’s)

Prof. J. Coleman Automatic Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Images of Speech Articulation Dr S J Golding (University College) & Prof R I Damper (Southampton)

Tohru Seraku (St Catherine’s)

Foreign Professor, Department of Japanese Interpretation and Translation, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea

Dr J Kiaer and Dr D Cram Clefts, relatives and language dynamics: the case of Japanese Prof M E Dalrymple (Linacre) & Prof L Marten (SOAS)

Ana Todea (Christ Church)

Prof. M. Maiden and Dr I. Watson The Imperfect — Preterite Opposition in Romance Languages Dr S Paoli (Balliol) & Prof A Ledgeway (Cambridge)

Daniel Trott (New)

Prof. B. Frellesvig Tense and Aspect in Old Japanese Dr J Fellerer (Wolfson) & Prof J Whitman (Cornell)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Holly Kennard (Jesus)

Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Oxford Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

Prof A. Lahiri Breton morphosyntax in two generations of speakers: evidence from word order and mutation Dr D. F. Cram (Jesus) & Prof M. Tallerman (Newcastle)

Franziska Hack (Somerville)

Guest researcher in Romance Linguistics, University of Konstanz

Prof A. Lahiri The Syntax and Prosody of Interrogatives: evidence from varieties spoken in northern Italy Dr S. Paoli (Balliol) & Prof C. Poletto (Frankfurt am Main)

Roberto Ceolin (Wolfson)

Prof A. Willi Περὶ τῶν εἰς νυμί — A study on athematic -(ν)νῡ/(ν)νῠ- suffixed presents from Homer to Oppian of Cilicia Dr P. Probert (Wolfson) & Prof A. Cantera (Salamanca)

Kathryn McLachlan (Linacre)

Prof A. Willi & Dr P. Probert Verborum ordo — ordo verborum: the placement of the dependent genitive in Classical Latin Prof J.Coleman (Wolfson) & Prof D. R. Langslow (Manchester)

Heidi Kurtz (Linacre)

Senior Development Executive, University of Oxford Museums and Collections

Prof J. Coleman Stress, Etymology and Metre in four Canterbury tales Dr S.Parkinson (Linacre) & Dr M. Duffell (QMUL)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Philip Roberts (Wolfson)

Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Oxford Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

Prof A. Willi & Prof A. Lahiri Towards a Computer Model of the historical phonology and morphology of Latin Dr J.H. W. Penney (Wolfson) & Prof P. Kiparsky (Stanford)

Louise Esher (Balliol)

JRF in Modern Languages at St. John’s

Prof M. Maiden & Mr JC Smith Future, Conditional and Autonomous Morphology in Occitan Dr S. Paoli (Balliol) & Prof C J. Pountain (QMUL)

Bozhil Hristov (Jesus)

Lecturer, University of Sofia

Prof M. Dalrymple Agreement, Case Assignment and Nominal Coordination Dr M. MacRobert (LMH) and Prof Greville Corbett (Surrey)

John Lowe (Wolfson)

Leverhulme Research Fellow, Oxford

Prof A. Willi & Dr E. Tucker The Syntax and Semantics of Tense-Aspect Stem Particles in early Rgvedic Sanskrit Prof M. Dalrymple (Linacre) & Prof S. Jamison (UCLA)

Karen Park (Christ Church)

Researcher at the Ethno-ornithology World Archive, Oxford

Prof M. Dalrymple The Selective Properties of Verbs in Reflexive Constructions Dr A. Asudeh (Jesus) & Prof P. Austin (SOAS)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Chiara Cappellaro (Exeter)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Romance Linguistics at the Unversity of Oxford

Prof M. Maiden History and Development of Third Person Pronouns in Italo-Romance Mr J. C. Smith (St Catz) & Dr A. Ledgeway (Cambridge)

Michel Paradis (Balliol)

Dr D Cram & Dr G. Kochanski Speech in Parts: Understanding and Modelling the Semantic Differences between Words Prof J. Coleman & Prof J. Spenader (Groningen)

Antonio Fortin (LMH)

Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Manchester

Prof M. Maiden & Dr A Asudeh The Morphology and Semantics of Expressive Affixes Dr P. Probert & Prof C. G. Potts (Stanford)

Mcebisi Ntleki (Wolfson)

Prof J. Higginbotham, Dr D. Cram, Prof A. Lahiri A Study of the Formal Properties of MERGE from a Computational Biolinguistic perspective Prof M. Dalrymple & Dr B. Smith (London)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

‘Oiwi Parker Jones (LMH)

Research Fellow, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL

Prof J.S. Coleman A Computational Phonology and Morphology of Hawaiian Prof. M. Dalrymple (Linacre) and Prof J.A. Goldsmith (Chicago)

Sandra Kotzor (Kellogg)

Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Oxford Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

Dr D. F. Cram & Prof A. Lahiri Lexical Opposition: an investigation into canonical and peripheral phenomena of antonymy Prof. M. Dalrymple (Linacre) and Professor F. Plank (Konstanz)

Wei-Tai Liao (Gwen) (Wolfson)

Professor M. Dalrymple An LFG account of empty pronouns in Mandarin Chinese Dr S. Paoli (Balliol) and Prof P. Sells (SOAS)

Rada Mihalcea (Somerville)

Associate professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan

Professor S. G. Pulman The Language of Humour Professor M Dalrymple (Linacre) and Dr S. Clark (Cambridge)

Nicholas Zair (Jesus)

Research Fellow at Peterhouse College, Cambridge

Professor A Willi The reflexes of the Proto-Indo-European Laryngeals in Celtic Dr. J. H. W. Penney (Wolfson) & Dr P Russell (Cambridge)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Lindsay Morcom  (Exeter)

Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Aboriginal Teacher Education Program, Queen’s University, Canada

Professor M. Dalrymple & Dr E. P. García-Bellido The universality and demarcation of lexical categories cross-linguistically Prof A. Lahiri (Somerville) & Prof M. Tallerman (Newcastle)

Ranjan Sen (Christ Church)

Lecturer at the University of Sheffield

Professor J. S. Coleman & Dr J. H. W. Penney Syllable and Segment in Latin Dr P. Probert (Wolfson) & Dr B. Vaux (Cambridge)

Sarah V. Ogilvie (Trinity)

Lexicographer, Amazon Kindle

Professor L. Mugglestone Loanwords, World Englishes and the Oxford English Dictionary Mr T. Hoad (St Peter’s) and Dr R. McConchie (Helsinki)

Nikola Milic (Somerville)

Professor M. Maiden Language Standardization in the History of Italian: typology and effects Prof D. Zancani (Balliol) & Dr D. Bentley (Manchester)

Simon Dobnik (Queen’s)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Language Technology and Computational Linguistics, University of Gothenburg

Professor S. G. Pulman Teaching Mobile Robots to use Spatial Words Prof M. Dalrymple (Linacre) and Prof E. Klein (Edinburgh)

Stephen Pax Leonard (Exeter)

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Anthropology, Exeter College, Oxford

Professor A. Willi Language, Society and Identity in early Iceland Dr C. Larrington (St John’s) and Prof K. Arnasson (Reykjavik)

Panagiotis Filos (Jesus)

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies Studies in the Morphology of Latin Loanwords into Greek: Evidence from the Papyri Dr J. Adams (All Souls) and Prof V. Bubenik (St John’s, NF, Canada)

Suriel Mofu  (St Cross)

Rector of the State University of West Papua.

Professor M. Dalrymple Biak Morphosyntax Dr P. Probert (Wolfson) and Prof P. Austin (SOAS)

In Ji Choi (Wolfson)

Dr D. F. Cram Discourse Markers in Children’s Narratives Dr K. Hoge (St Hilda’s) and Dr T. Wharton (Sussex)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Thaweesak Anansettasiri  (Hertford)

Professor M. Dalrymple A Study of Medio-Passive Constructions with Special Reference to Thai Dr D. F. Cram (Jesus) and Professor I. Roberts (Cambridge)

Shi-Ching Olivia Lam  (Wolfson)

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities (Linguistics), The University of Hong Kong

Professor M. Dalrymple Object functions and the Syntax of Double Object Constructions in Lexical Functional Grammar Dr S. Paoli (Balliol) and Professor P. Sells (SOAS)

Anastassia Loukina (St Cross)

Associate Research Scientist at Educational Testing Services

Dr J. Coleman Regional Phonetic Variation in Modern Greek Dr E. Payne (St Hilda’s) and Proessor B. Joseph (Ohio State Univ.)

Nicholas Hillyard (Linacre)

Dr J. H. W. Penney Number in Homer Dr P. Probert (Wolfson) and Professor R. Wachter (Basel)

Thomas Finbow (St Catherine’s)
Professor Doutor de Lingüística Histórica, Universidade de São Paulo

Professor M. Maiden Writing Latin and reading Romance? On logographic reading in Medieval Iberia. Dr S. R. Parkinson (Linacre) and Professor R. Wright (Liverpool)

Paul Hedley (Magdalen)

Partner in Executive Education at Exart Performances, conductor of ‘Musica Beatica’

Dr D. F. Cram Anaphora, Relevance and the Conceptual/Procedural Distinction Dr P. Garcia-Bellido (St Cross) and Prof. D. Wilson (University College, London)

Ekaterina Samoylova (Corpus Christi)

Dr J. Coleman The Production and Perception of Whispered Vowels in English Dr I. Watson (Christ Church) and Dr P. Hoole (Munich)

Richard Ashdowne  (New College)

Lecturer in Classical Languages, University College; Lecturer in Linguistics, Somerville, University, Trinity & Wadham Colleges; Editor, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources

Prof. M. Maiden & Mr. J.C. Smith Names and Addresses: Aspects of Address in Latin and Romance. Dr. D.F. Cram (Jesus) & Prof. N. Vincent (Manchester)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Richard Hitchman (New)

Lecturer in Classics, Somerville

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies After Minos: Continuity in Ancient Cretan Personal Names. Mrs E. Matthews (St Hilda’s) and Dr S. Colvin (University College, London)

Peter Barber (Wolfson)

Lecturer in Comparative Philology, University of Oxford

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies Evidence for Sievers’ Law in Ancient Greek Dr P. Probert (Wolfson) and Prof D. Ringe (University of Pennsylvania)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Keith Owen (Worcester)

Dr D. F. Cram Within the Meaning of the Act – Pragmatics and Social Security Dr J. Aitchison (Worcester); Dr J. Cotterill and Dr C. Heffer (Cardiff)

Nivedita Mani (St Catherine’s)

Junior Research Group Leader (Language Acquisition), University of Göttingen

D J. Coleman Prosody, Syntax and the Lexicon in Parsing Ambiguous Sentences  

Lars Larm (Wolfson)

Senior Lecturer in Japanese Linguistics at the University of Lund, Sweden

Dr D. F. Cram & Dr B. Frellesvig Modality in Japanese Prof. M. Dalrymple (Linacre) and Prof. Y. Takubo (Kyoto University)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Hong Fan (Worcester)

Professor of Media Language and Communication in the School of Journalism & Communication, Tsinghua University, China

Prof J. Aitchison and
Prof S. G. Pulman

The Polysemy Networks of Heart and Xin Dr D. F. Cram (Jesus) and Dr W. Chao (SOAS, University of London)

Ina Hartmann-Doettinger  (St Hugh’s)

Bertelsmann Foundation, Berlin

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies Personal Names in Elis 800 BC to 300 AD Dr J. Penney (Wolfson) and Professor S. Hornblower (University College, London)

Dorjana Sirola  (Somerville)

Faculty Member, Department of English, University of Rijeka

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies Two Pre-Roman Alphabets of Northern Italy Prof. D. Langslow (University of Manchester) and Prof R. Wachter (University of Basel)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Diana Gibson (Christ Church)

Managing Director, Vandeveer Investments LLC

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies Causative Verbs in Ancient Greek: the development of the Periphrastic Construction Dr J. Penney (Wolfson) and Professor H. Pinkster (University of Amsterdam)

Wolfgang de Melo (Corpus Christi)

University Lecturer in Comparative Philology, Oxford

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies and Dr. J. H. W. Penney Traces of an Earlier Verbal System in Archaic Latin — the Meaning and Usage of the Types faxo/faxim/impetrasse, duim and attigas Dr. J. Adams (All Souls) and Professor H. Pinkster (University of Amsterdam)

Maria Liakata  (St Edmund Hall)

Research Fellow, Computer Science Dept, University of Aberystwyth

Professor S. G. Pulman Inducing domain theories Dr J. Coleman and Dr J. Cussens (York)

Patrick Thomas (Hertford)

Professor S. Romaine Some syntactic affinities between Krio and Gullah.  


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Didier Maillat (Lincoln)

Professor of English Linguistics, Dept of English, University of Fribourg

Dr G. Ramchand The Semantics and Pragmatics of Directionals: a case study in English and French. Dr J. Coleman and Dr E. van der Zee
(University of Lincoln)

Britta Jensen (St Cross)

Research Fellow at the Macquarie University Centre for Cognitive Science, Sydney, Australia

Dr G. Ramchand and Professor J. A. Holmberg Imperatives in English and Scandinavian Dr D. F. Cram and Professor T. Taraldsen (University of Tromsø, Norway)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Catherine Sangster (Merton)

Oxford University Press

Dr. J. S. Coleman Inter- and intra-speaker variation in Liverpool English: a sociophonetic study Dr V. Martin and Prof. G. J. Docherty (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Denise Leigh (Wolfson)

Dr G. Ramchand Anaphora and the Bilingual Dr I. M. C. Watson and Dr I. Tsimpli (University of Cambridge)

Reem Bassiouney (Somerville)

Associate Professor of Arabic linguistics at Georgetown University

Prof C. Holes Functions of code-switching in Egypt  

Francis Yunqing Lin (St Hugh’s)

Professor of Linguistics, Beijing Normal University

Professor J. Higginbotham Grammar, meaning and understanding: an enquiry into grammatical and semantic competence Dr. D. F. Cram and Dr B. Smith (Birkbeck College, London)

Hisashi Morita (Jesus)

Assistant Professor in the Department of British and American Studies, Aichi Prefectural University, Japan

Professor J. Higginbotham English and Japanese Questions Dr G. Ramchand and Dr D. Adger (University of York)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Hiromi Tanaka (Somerville)

Dr G. Ramchand Information Structure in English and Japanese: a Dynamic File Change Semantics Account Professor S. G. Pulman and Dr C. Heycock (University of Edinburgh)

Natalie Tronenko (Hertford)

Developer of Russian Language Learning on the Web, Sussex & LSE

Dr D. F. Cram Regularities in the behaviour of Russian Phrasal Idioms Dr Mary MacRobert and Professor A. Spencer (University of Essex)

Liang Chua (St. Hugh’s)

Associate Professor, Nagoya University

Professor S. Romaine Language Shift in a Singaporean Chinese Family and the Matrix language Frame Model Dr D. F. Cram and Professor Li Wei (University of Newcastle)

Elinor (Reynolds) Keane (Merton)

Research associate at Phonetics Laboratory (former)

Dr J. S. Coleman Echo Words in Tamil Dr I. M. C. Watson, and Professor R. Asher (University of Edinburgh)

Raffaella Folli (Wolfson)

Lecturer in Linguistics, School of Communication in the University of Ulster

Dr G. Ramchand and Professor J. Higginbotham Constructing Telicity in English and Italian Professor A. Morpurgo-Davies, and Professor Hagit Borer (USC)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Paula West (Christ Church)

Associate Programmer Analyst, Equities Management Technology group, Goldman Sachs

Dr J. S. Coleman Long Distance Co-articulatory Effects of English /l/ and /r/ Professor P. Roach (University of Reading) and and Dr P. Hoole (University of Munich)

Yuko Otsuka (Linacre)

Professor, Sophia University, Tokyo

Professor J. Higginbotham Ergativity in Tongan Dr G. Ramchand and Prof. L. de Mena Travis (McGill University)

Pietro Bortone (Wolfson)

Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Uppsala

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies and I. Philippaki-Warburton (Reading) Aspects of the history of Greek prepositions: a localistic view Dr P. Mackridge (St Cross) and J. Miller (University of Edinburgh)

Miyuki Sawada (St Anne’s)

Now at National Kaohsiung Normal University

Dr D. F. Cram Topics in Japanese Clause Structure: Where Kokugogaku and Generative Grammar meet Professor Higginbotham and H. Hoshi (SOAS, London)

Kerstin Hoge (St Hilda’s)
University Lecturer in German Linguistics at Oxford

Professor J. Higginbotham Superiority Dr G. Ramchand (Linacre) and Prof. M. Diesing (Cornell University)

Philomen Probert (Wolfson)

University Lecturer in Classical Philology and Linguistics at Oxford

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies Studies in Greek Accentuation Dr. M. L. West and Prof. P. Kiparsky (Stanford University)

Jason Zerdin (Somerville)

Oxford University Computing Services

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies Studies in the Ancient Greek verbs in -sko Dr J. H. W. Penney and Professor D. Ringe (University of Pennsylvania)

Nam-Kil Kang (Somerville)

Lecturer, Korea

Professor J. Higginbotham Reflexives and the linking theory in Universal Grammar Dr D. F. Cram and Dr H. Hoji (University of London)

Peter Chew (Jesus)

Finance Consultant

Dr J. S. Coleman A Computational phonology of Russian Dr S. Parkinson and Dr Dunstan Brown

Roberta Middleton (Wadham)

Oxford University Press

Professor M. Maiden Aspects of the history of relative clauses in Italo-Romance Mr J. C. Smith, and Professor Mair Parry


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Paolo Vaciago (Oriel)

Ricercatore at the University of Rome

His thesis is being published in 3 volumes by the Corpus Christianorum in Belgium

Professor M. Godden The transmission of early Anglo-Saxon glossarial material on the continent: texts, index and analysis Professor N. Palmer and Dr J. D. Pfeiffer

Jana Dankovicova (St Hugh’s)

Lecturer in Clinical Linguistics, University College, London

Dr J. S. Coleman The linguistic basis of articulation rate variation in Czech Professor B. Rosner and Professor P. Roach (University of Reading)


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Ruth Carroll (Pembroke)

Academy of Finland research fellow in the Department of English, University of Turku (Finland)

Professor J. Aitchison Cooking Verbs in Fourteenth Century England. A semantic class and its syntactic behaviour Nicholas Gisborne and Professor E.G. Stanley

Alessandro Capone (Magdalen)

University of Salento

His thesis was published in Italy

Dr Yan Huang Modality and Discourse Professor Sally McConnell Ginet (Cornell) and Professor J. Higginbotham

Wen-Chao Li (LMH)

Book published by Peter Lang, New York. 1999

Assistant Professor of Linguistics, San Francisco State University

Dr J. S. Coleman A diachronically motivated segmental phonology of Modern Chinese Dr S. Parkinson and Professor Richard Wiese


Author Supervisors Title Examiners

Jane Stuart Smith (Somerville)

Thesis published by OUP as Phonetics and Philology: the development of the PIE voiced aspirates in Italic.

Reader in the School of English & Scottish Language & Literature, University of Glasgow

Dr J. H. W. Penney and Dr J. S. Coleman The Development of the Indo-European Voiced Aspirates in Italic: A Philological and Phonetic Assessment Dr D. Langslow and Dr K. Hayward

David Willis (St John’s)

Book published by OUP in 1998

Senior Lecturer in Historical Linguistics, University of Cambridge

Professor D. E. Evans Syntactic change in Welsh Professor T. Charles Edwards, and Dr Maggie Tallerman

Jin Zhou (Worcester)

Professor J. Aitchison A study of speech errors in Mandarin Chinese Dr J. Coleman and Professor M. Garman (Reading)

Mathew Saxton (Oriel)

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Human Development, Institute of Education, University of London

Professor J. Aitchison Negative Evidence versus Negative Feedback: A study of corrective input in child language acquisition Dr K. Plunkett and Professor J. Hurford (Edinburgh)

Torsten Meissner (St Hugh’s)

Thesis published by OUP

University Lecturer in Classical Philology and Linguistics, Cambridge

Professor A. Morpurgo Davies S-stem Nouns and Adjectives in Ancient Greek: A study in Greek and Indo-European Word Formation Dr J. H. W. Penney and Professor Petersmann (University of Heidelberg)

Matthew Whelpton (St Peter’s)

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Iceland

Professor Higginbotham and Dr D. F. Cram The Syntax and Semantics of Infinitives of Result in English Professor S. Lappin (London) and Professor Edwin Williams (Princeton University)

Biljana Scott (Christ Church)

Faculty Tutor in Chinese Linguistics, Oxford

Professor J. Aitchison and Professor Atkinson (University of Essex) Aspectogenesis and the Characterization of Directionals in Chinese Professor S. Romaine and Dr Wynn Chao (London)
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