MPhil Theses

Selected MPhil theses available online:


Author Supervisor Title
Stephen Jones (Kellogg) Prof M Dalrymple Number in Meryam Mir


Author Supervisor Title
Jamie Findlay (Worcester) Prof M Dalrymple The Prepositional Passive: a Lexical Functional Account


Author Supervisor Title
Vicky Thomas (St Hilda’s) Prof M Dalrymple Double object constructions and ‘bill’ verbs in English


Author Supervisor Title
Sigve Berge Hofland (Christ Church) Prof M Dalrymple Adverbs in conceptual semantics
Jonathan Lipps (Jesus) Prof M. Dalrymple A lexical-functional analysis of Swahili relative clauses.
Kyle Mahowald (New) Prof M Dalrymple An LFG approach to Old English constituent order.


Author Supervisor Title
James Webb (Somerville) Prof M. Dalrymple Instruments in LFG’s argument structure


Author Supervisor Title
Lisa Mackie (Lady Margaret Hall) Prof M. Maiden Fragments of Piscataway: A Preliminary Description
Caroline Cobb (Pembroke) Prof M. Dalrymple The Syntax of Adverbs: An LFG Approach
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