In memoriam: Professor Emmon Bach

The Faculty was very sorry to announce the death of Professor Emmon Bach, in November 2014.

Emmon was one of the brightest and most influential figures in formal semantics, and was also well known for his work on morphology and North American languages. He began his career at the University of Texas at Austin, and then moved to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where he taught semantics, field methods, syntax, and morphology for many years until his retirement in 1992. He has been with us at Oxford since 2007, when he gave the graduate lectures in Semantics, which he continued to do for several years. In recent years we knew him best from his presence in the Syntax Working Group and in many of our lectures and the Monday seminars. He also continued to do innovative research on morphology and semantics, having only recently finished a paper on morphosemantics and polysynthesis.

His funeral took place on Saturday, 13 December at St John’s Chapel, Oxford Crematorium.

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